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The River Doon is the best known River in Ayrshire, and flows from its spawning burns above Dalmellington and also from Loch Doon which gives compensation flow when the river is low.

This has the effect of making our beats fishable all season. The average weight of Salmon caught is about 8Ibs, although odd fish of over 20Ibs are caught most years. Grilse average 5Ibs.

The Doon is the most prolific of the Ayrshire rivers and our beat is one of the most prolific averaging nearly 300 salmon per season over the past 20 years. As our season is only 4 months from July to October, it stands up to most of the top beats in Scotland.

Fishing Beats

We have about 1¾ miles of the river, from the old railway bridge in Alloway to the sea.

We own both banks except at Mount Charles House for about 100 yards on one side.

There are 16 named pools and we divide the river into 3 beats and fish them on a half day rotation system, so it takes 1½ days to fish our stretch.

The 3 beats are Doonbank, The Mill and Swallow Braes.

We fish 4 rods in July and 6 in August, September and October.



The Bothy

The bothy is situated at the mouth of the river. This is the meeting place and start off point at the beginning of your week’s fishing. Rods and fishing equipment can be left there overnight and there is a drying room.

Fish can be frozen here, and also this is where we record the daily catch.

The fishing huts are situated in the middle of the beats.

These are made available to guests for lunch or shelter.



The Ghillies

We have a ghillie who meets the fishers at the bothy. He advises the fishers on how and where to fish.

He shares himself between the guests and also helps at lunch times in the bothy if required.

We are able to get assistant ghillies if someone requires special attention. This costs £60 per day.

Although it is up to each individual, a guide to a fair tip is £10.00 per rod per day, payable to the head ghillie.

Fishing Terms


Guests are permitted to assign their rods to other fishermen, provided they inform the ghillie in advance. Guests should also make their assignee aware of the rules and regulations.



A good fly selection would include ally's shrimp, garry dog, thunder & lightning, and stoats tails in sizes 8 to 12s. We also find 1/2 inch brass tubes dressed as above very successful. We hold a good stock of flies and flying condoms for sale in the bothy.



The River Doon Salmon Fishery Board request an 80% release rate on caught salmon, all sea trout, gravid fish and salmon in October should be returned. Released fish should be returned as quickly as possible.



Fly, spinning and worm are permitted. Worm fishers can use one single hook only. No natural minnow, prawn or shrimp are allowed.

Booking and Contact Details

Payment is due 3 months before your confirmed date.

Cancellations will be refunded if we are able to re let. If we are unable to accommodate your requirements, we will be glad to place names on a waiting list in case of cancellations.

Please phone David Cosh or drop an email to confirm available dates.


We let rods on a weekly basis, although at times we can let for 3 days. There is no Sunday fishing.

July - Week 27 - 30 : £150 per week

August - Week 31 - 34 : £390 per week

Sept/Oct - Week 35 - 44 : £450 per week

Book by phone

07968 071 554

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